A completely new way to play a game~!!! Play G-Copter with your hand gesture.
I. Installing apps
Install Android app on Google Play on your phone.
II. How to play
1. Hold the phone with your left hand.
2. Make a fist with your right hand and unfold your index finger.
3. Place your right hand in 20 cm distance from the rear view camera of your phone.
4. Make sure that your right hand is within the red guide line.
5. A red cursor appears when your right hand is correctly detected.
6. Get started by hovering the red cursor over the start button for 1 second.
7. Slowly and slightly move your hand up and down to avoid obstacles.
  Enjoy G-Copter~~~
* Note
- Remember your hand must stay within the field of view of the camera.
- If your hand is not detected, make sure that your hand is within the guide line and slowly
   move your hand left and right horizontally.
- G-Copter runs on Android.