Gesture Call  
Gesture Call is a Glassware to make a call on Glass by searching for contacts with bare hand gestures. A cursor appears on the screen when the predefined hand gesture is recognized. You can select menus by moving the cursor with hand movement as you do with a mouse on the computer.
I. Installing apps   II. Syncing contacts   III. How to use   IV. Screen Description
I. Installing apps
1. Install Gesture Call on your glass.
This instruction is for android developers who are familiar with 'adb' command.
1) Download GestureCall.apk(Release date : 2015.01.13) on your computer.
2) Connect your Google Glass to the computer with USB cable.
3) Install GestureCall on your Glass.
   Enter "adb install GestureCall.apk" in the command prompt for Windows or the terminal for Mac/Linux/
4) Uninstall the command.
   Enter "adb uninstall com.macron.GestureCall"
2. Download GestureCall_Phone.apk on your phone.
* Note
1) Gesture Call is developed to use on Android phone.
2) Please note that the contact list of your phone is sent to Glass after the following syncing process.
    Make sure if you want to share the contact list of your phone with the user(s) of Glass.
I. Installing apps   II. Syncing contacts   III. How to use   IV. Screen Description
II. Syncing contacts
Perform the following steps to send the contact list and call history from phone to Glass.
1. Activate hotspot.
2. Connect to hotspot.
Connect wifi on Glass with hotspot on the phone.
4. Start Gesture Call.
Tap to send the contact list to Glass. The status message changes in 'ReadyUploading CompletedReady' order.

3. Start Gesture Call.
6. Deactivate hotspot.
5. The following initial screen appears when the contact list is loaded correctly.

7. Turn on wifi.
8. Reconnect to Wifi.
Wifi is disconnected on Glass automatically when hotspot is deactivated on the phone. Reconnect to wifi on Glass to use a wireless network.
* Note: Contacts synced to Glass is saved on the internal memory of Glass. Contacts on the phone are not synced with Glass automatically. Repeat step 1-8 to sync contacts when needed.
I. Installing apps   II. Syncing contacts   III. How to use   IV. Screen Description
III. How to use
1. How can I activate the mouse by hand gestures?
1) Raise up your right hand in front of the camera.
2) Place your hand inside the red hand guide.
2. How do I know whether my hand is detected?
When your hand is detected, the red hand guide disappears and a green cursor appears.
3. My hand is within the red hand guide but I don't see the green cursor. What should I do?
Move your hand from side to side horizontally as the red hand guide moves.
4. How do I click?
Hover the green cursor over a menu to select for 1 second.
I. Installing apps   II. Syncing contacts   III. How to use   IV. Screen Description
IV. Screen description
1. Main Screen
2. Contacts Screen
3. Settings Screen
Auto exposure control can be turned on or off. Recommend to use the default auto exposure control unless manual exposure control is necessary for gesture recognition.
4. Keyboard Screen

5. Making a Call Screen
A pop-up window appears when clicking a contact. Make a call by clicking 'OK.'
* Note: Using Gesture Call app increases power consumption as the app uses the built-in camera.