Head Office Relocation
We're pleased to announce that our head office relocated to the following address as of January 2, 2018. The old telephone and fax numbers remain connected until the end of January. Our new head...
[GMV 2017] Experience Computer Vision Solutions for AR, VR & MR
We are proudly presenting our solutions for AR, VR & MR at GMV 2017. Visit us at the following venue and experience our latest technology: Date: September 13-15, 2017 Venue: Booth #4C302, Hall...
[World IT Show 2017] Hand Gesture Recognition for AR effect
We're proudly presenting our new AR solutions at World IT Show 2017. Please visit us and experience the new way to express yourself and communicate. Date: May 24-May 27 Venue: COEX C Hall, Boot...
Experience Macron's gesture solutions for AR & VR at Korea Electornic Show 2016
We're attending Korea Electronic Show. Welcome everybody interested in Macron's cutting edge gesture recognition technology. If you'd like to set a meeting with us, please contact us via email macr...
[SoftWave 2017] Discover the latest computer vision solution using 2D camera
We are attending SoftWave where you can experience the latest trend of software in the world. It is the first time for Macron to attend the event. We are looking forward to meeting you at SoftWave...
Meet Us at World IT Show 2016
Visit us at World IT Show 2016 taking place at COEX Hall A, B & C, Seoul, Korea from May 17 to May 20. Our booth is located in the KOVA area(# AL08). Experience our latest gesture recognition solut...
뒪留덊듃룿쑝濡 썝寃 젣뼱븳떎.
엯 紐⑥뼇쑝濡 李띾뒗 移 궗臾쇱씤꽣꽬 떆媛 룄옒븯硫댁꽌 궗臾쇨낵 씤媛, 궗臾쇨낵 궗臾쇱쓣 뿰寃고븯뒗 湲곗닠쓽 뿭븷씠 以묒슂빐吏怨 엳떎. 洹 以묒뿉꽌룄 룞옉씤떇 湲곗닠 씤怨듭뒫쑝濡 젏泥좊릺뒗 궗臾쇱씤꽣꽬쓽 寃곗젙쟻씤 湲곗닠씠씪 븷 닔 엳떎. (二)留ㅽ겕濡(몴 씠湲몄옱) 쁺긽泥섎━瑜 湲곕컲쑝濡 븳 룞옉 씤떇 遺꾩빞뿉꽌 몢뱶윭吏 솢빟쓣 蹂댁씠뒗 IoT 湲곗뾽씠떎. 留ㅽ겕濡좎 룞옉 씤...
VR Gesture Player wins GMV 2015 INNOVATION AWARDS
VR Gesture Player, a media player with gesture control interface, received GMV 2015 Innovation Awards. The awards were judged by a panel of international journalists. The Spanish journalist, Clipse...
'G-Selfie' now available for iOS
Now iPhone users can enjoy G-Selfie too. G-Selfie for iOS offers mouth mode only. Enjoy summer with G-Selfie~ Free download from iTunes App Store.
G-Selfie (Gesture Selfie): Take selfies with slight mouth gesture or hand waving gesture
We introduce 'G-Selfie(Gesture Selfie)' for Android. Don't be bothered to carry a bluetoothe remote shutter or to set a timer anymore. You don't need to stretch out your arm to touch your smartp...
Virtual Mouse of Macron on Arirang TV Korea Today
Arirang TV picked up Macron's virtual mouse as a hot item which will make our lives smarter than ever.
Macron at Korea ICT Plaza in Japan 2014 on NHK news
Macron was introduced in NHK news. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_H6R59mCfU
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